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Philip K. Dumez

Barbu Music Volume #1 (pour le Petit Garage)

Robert Wyatt : Slow Walkin'Talk

The Band : The Shape I'm In

Cody Chesnutt : Boylife in America

King Crimson : Red

Old Time Relijun : Dagger

Captain Beefheart : Party of Special Things to Do

13th Floor Elevators : Roller Coaster

Will Oldham : O Let It Be

Grandaddy : AM 180

Built to Spill : Car

Wesley Willis : Shot Me In The Ass

The Fugs : Supergirl

Kris Kristofferson : For The Good Times

Kenny Rogers : Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town

Chris Bell : Make A Scene

Creedence Clearwater Revival : Up Around The Bend

The Silver Jews : Send In The Clouds

Temple Temple : Radio On (Young Young Neman)




Jac Debout

Apollo : « L'homme à barbe » (Alain Gibert)

Johnny Bernero Band with Thurman "Ted" Enlow : “Red hair and green eyes” (Spade Cooley/Jay Milton)

Francis Blanche : « ah, les belles moustaches » (Francis Blanche/Gérard Calvi)

DNA : “Blonde redhead” (Arto Lindsay/Ikue Mori/Tim Wright)

4 Hairy Policemen : “For hairy policemen” (4 Hairy Policemen)

Robert Gordon with Link Wray : “Red Cadillac and a black moustache” (Thompson/May)

Jad and Nao : “Haircuts” (Ernest Noyes Brookings/Jad Fair/Naofumi Ishimaru)

Phlegm : “Virgin icon in Bangkok hair-raid with smelly wah-wah” (Phlegm)

Pills et Tabet : « Pourquoi tu t'es teinte ? » (Mireille et Jean Nohain)

The Ritchie Family : “La barbichette (you make me feel it)” (J. Morali/H. Belolo/J. Yanne/B. WHitehead)

Slim Whitman : “That silver-haired daddy of mine”

Frank Zappa/Captain Beefheart : “Sam with the showing scalp flat top” (Don Van Vliet)




Rubin Steiner

Midisport "14 footballers in chocolate" Rather Interesting (r + m)

Boogers "Multigamia" Travaux Publics (r + t)

Léonard de Léonard "Léonizer fever" Free Complex (r + m + b)

Wevie Stonder "Eat your own ears" Skam (m + r)

Os Mutantes "Aaaaaah!" Polygram (t + m)

Cut Chemist + Dj Shadow "product placement break" (PPBKSL) (b + t)

Phil Ranelin "Vibes from the tribe" Hefty (m + b + t)

Kid Acne "Squirrel Hunters" Invisible Spies (m + b + t)

The Coco Sound "coco" K records (t)

Volt "ep" (Polly Magoo Records) (t + r)

Arthur H "negresse blanche" Polydor (t)

Rubin Steiner "Wunderbar Drei" Platinum (m + b + r)

Moondog "Moondog" BGO (la totale)

(r = rouflaquettes, m = moustaches, b = bouc, t = tignasse)




David Scrima

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young "Almost Cut My Hair"
Pavement "Cut Your Hair"
Stephen Malkmus "Jojo's Jacket"
Paul & Linda McCartney "Long Hair Lady"
The B-52's "Wig"
Blur "Beard"
Nirvana "Mr Moustache"
Charlie Parker "Your father's Moustache"
The Kinks "Bald Head Woman"
The Lovin'Spoonful "Bald Headed Lena"
Gregory Isaac "Handcuff"
Captain Beefheart "Pompadour Swamp"




Frédéric Fleury

Corbier "Sans ma barbe"

Pavement "Cut your hair"




Karine “Katoï” Larivet

Siouxsie & the Banshees “Juju”

Moondog “Moondog / Moondog 2”

Terry Riley “Persian Surgery Dervishes”

Ramones “End of the Century”

The Slits “Cut”

Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band “Mirror Man”

The Stooges “s/t”

Will Oldham “Joya”

Neil Young “Harvest”

Acid Mother Temple “Do Whatever You want, Don’t do Whatever you don’t want”

Nirvana “Bleach”

The Pupils “s/t”

The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds”

Patti Smith “Horses”

Robert Wyatt “Dondestan”

Black Sabbath « Paranoid »


Voici un rapide aperçu de ma discothèque poilue. J’en passe certainement un paquet,

ne connaissant pas la situation pileuse ou capillaire précise de chacun des musiciens que j’aime.

Et puis, c’est très frustrant de ne pas pouvoir y coller mes amours glabres.


Johnny Cage (Belgium)




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